The Fit Lifestyle Club – True Transformation Online Coaching

Are you fed up with not knowing what workouts to follow?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your current routine? 

Do you like having new challenges and fun routines that keep things interesting?

Have you given up on getting in better shape?

Does your current program bore you, leave you wanting more or worse, does it just make you sore and tired? 

The True Transformation Inner Circle Might Be For You!

The Inner Circle was designed for people like you and me.  We don’t have time for 10 hours of workouts every week.

You also like to mix things up while getting awesome results.

Plus, you’re busy so you need options to workout at home if necessary. 

And finally -you want to feel energized after each workout – not beat up and too sore to train the rest of the week.


With SMART, FUN and CHALLENGING workout routines – you’ll make progress year round while enjoying the challenge of new workouts!

You will balance getting stronger, building muscle, improving endurance and looking awesome without spending loads of time in the gym.

You’ll get workouts that leave you feeling strong and energized to get things done and take care of your day-to day responsibilities.   Plus, you won’t have to worry about injuries or extreme soreness that keeps you out of the gym for days and days.  

You’ll quickly improve your fitness level without spending your whole life in the gym.  Nobody (unless you’re a professional fitness model) has time to hit the gym for more than a few hours a week – and often times its a challenge to even get to the gym!  The Inner Circle will provide routines that don’t require hours and hours in the gym PLUS it will give you workouts that you can do at home! 

True Transformation Inner Circle – What’s Included?

Every Sunday night you’ll get 3 Gym workouts and 2 At-Home Workouts Emailed to you (1 set for Men and 1 set for Women).  These workouts will serve to help you build muscle, tone your body, burn fat, and boost your energy.

Each workout will have a detailed description along with a video of how to perform the exercises.  You’ll know exactly how many reps to shoot for, how much rest to take and how long the workout should last. 

You’ll also get access to the Inner Circle Private Group.  Each month there will be challenges, monthly themes and contests to help keep things fresh.

You’ll also get a monthly LIVE Q/A session with me to help answer your nutrition, training and supplementation questions.  

Direct Access to Me!

Within a few days of joining the Inner Circle, you’ll be given access to our Private Facebook Group. I’ll be a regular in the group and available to answer your questions, look at video of your workouts, and help you customize the program to your needs.
Unlike most of the so-called “coaches” online, I’m not a self-proclaimed “expert” because I threw up a cheap blog and some bullshit e-book.
I’ve been “in the trenches”, actually coaching regular guys and girls like you since 2005. 
My methods and advice are built on 10 years of real world experience with real people, in a real gym – and now online for the last decade.

A Supportive Community of People Just Like You

Real men and women with busy lives and real struggles. We’ll all be working together to achieve the same goals – a body that feels and looks awesome, a strong and functional physique and an enjoyment of life through health and fitness. 

You’ll learn from me, but also from those following the same plan you are. You’ll find that your challenges are not unique to you. Others will have shared experiences and valuable insight on how to balance training with life, stay motivated and disciplined, and overcome obstacles to success.

There will be a ZERO Tolerance policy for negativity or spam. 

Start getting workouts sent to you immediately! 


  • Weekly Workouts Emailed Directly to You Sunday Night – 3 gym workouts plus 2 At Home Workouts (for Men and Women)
  • Monthly challenges and themes to help keep you on track 
  • Unlimited access to private coaching group to have all your questions answered
  • Unlimited access to growing library of premium programs, case-studies and training which is updated DAILY with a fresh, new training
  • And so much more!

There’s no risk. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.