066 – Amy Lacey – Cali’Flour Foods

Today Josiah sits down with Amy Lacey – founder of Cali’flour foods. Amy has an incredible story that began as a struggling youth who found her path as an entrepreneur, but eventually battled with health issues so severe that she overhauled her entire approach to nutrition.

Amy’s encounter with Lupus was a blessing in disguise.  Her “healthy happy hour” cauliflower pizza wound up being a massive hit amongst friends and drove her to start an entire brand.  Today her company is growing rapidly, but it wasn’t always that way.  On today’s episode Amy shares how she went from being $250,000 in the hole to building a $4 million (and counting) thriving company.

My family and I love Cali’flour foods – and I’d love for you to check them out!  Use code ‘TRUE’ at checkout to save on your order!

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