CrossFit is awesome….don’t believe me?  Keep reading…
Why Cross Fit is Awesome (The Real Truth)
Let me be honest. I’m not a fan of cross fit for the average person.
Kinda like I’m not a fan of country music (sorry).
But that doesn’t mean country music stinks.
It’s just not for me. And that’s ok.
But Cross-fit (for some) is AWESOME. Let me explain:
1. Cross-fit is a sport and some people are destined for sports. Some of you reading this might be a really good athlete who’s itching to get after some competition. Crossfit might scratch that itch and give you the outlet you need.
2. Crossfit pushes you mentally. Sure, I don’t agree with the programming, but once again— Crossfit is a sport. Just like some people enjoy playing pick-up basketball or flag-football… 
Crossfit is not easy and it forces you to get out of your comfort zone.
3. Crossfit builds community. This is why I put together the True8 program. It’s not just about the amazing workouts and nutrition strategies. It’s about bringing people together with a common goal. Crossfit builds a community for sure.
Now…as a final word.
I don’t recommend crossfit for most people.
Just like I don’t recommend advanced workouts for most people.
Crossfit requires patience, skills, an appetite for injury risk, and advanced coaching.
Just because I don’t love it or recommend it doesnt mean it’s not awesome.
Country music is awesome…
It’s just not for me..